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Academic Support

The Academic Support Center on the Greene County Campus offers FREE tutoring to assist students in achieving maximum academic performance. This one-on-one assistance, provided by peer tutors, is available to all currently enrolled students in a variety of subjects. Computerized tutorials present material in an interactive format, and students may use these materials in the Academic Support Center. In addition, students on the Greene County Campus are able to receive online assistance with their English papers from staff members in the Academic Support Center on the Athens Campus.

For additional information regarding Academic Support Services contact Sibley Bryan, Greene County Campus Director,, (706)453-0378 or click here.

Career Development

In addition to providing educational programs that give you the skills needed to pursue a new career path, Athens Technical College provides students and alumni with a centralized service to assist in locating employment opportunities and developing job search skills. Students and alumni have access to a variety of resources that can assist them in charting a career path, obtaining a job, and developing skills for successful employment. Guidance in creating cover letters, resume preparation, interviewing skills development, and career inventory test administration are a few of the ways the staff at the Greene County Campus can assist you.

The Georgia Career Information System (GCIS), which contains information on educational programs and occupations to assist students in matching interests and abilities to specific occupations, is available online at the Greene County Campus.

For additional information regarding Career Development Services click here.

Guidance and Counseling

Counseling and referrals to community agencies are available through the Student Support Services Office. Staff members assist students in developing career plans and personal goals; help with problems encountered in academic pursuits; and offer support in dealing with work-related, personal, or financial problems. The college will refer students to community agencies if the student's needs for services go beyond the scope of the college's professional counselors.

For additional information regarding Guidance and Counseling Services contact Sibley Bryan, Greene County Campus Director,, (706)453-0378 or click here to go to the catalog.

Sibley Bryan, Greene County Campus Director, is on the Greene County Campus Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 am until 7:30 pm.


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