Financial Aid


  • Spring Semester

    3/21/14 – 3rd Pell check available*
    4/22/14 – 4th Pell checks available*

    Summer Semester

    5/14/14-5/28/14 - Pell at the Bookstore
    6/13/14- 1stPell Checks
    7/27/14- 2ndPell Checks*
    8/1/14 - 3rdPell Checks*

    *Students only receive one Pell award per term. Most students will receive their refund during the first round. If a student applies for financial aid late, has classes that start after the first round, or has other delays, they will receive their refund during one of the later rounds.

    Financial Aid Application Deadlines

    4/1/14 – Summer Semester students

    There are lots of changes to verification for the 2013-2014 school year! New forms are now up on the website. You can check Banner Web to find out if we need something from you. Go to Student Records & Financial Aid, then Financial Aid, and My Eligibility. Finally, click on Student Requirements. Choose the proper aid year (2013-2014) to view any requirements. Very soon we will begin processing FAFSA’s for 2014-2015 (for Fall semester).