Financial Aid

Applying for Federal Work-Study (FWS)

All applicants MUST currently be attending classes at Athens Technical College and currently receiving the Pell Grant. To be eligible to receive the Pell Grant students must have a current and completed FAFSA with the college, in an eligible program of study, and receiving Pell Grant funds toward his/her tuition/fee charges and/or receiving a Pell Grant check. If you have not completed the current aid year's FAFSA go to

To apply:
  • There must be current opening for a FWS position available to apply (see position announcements below).
  • The online application process must be repeated for each position students are interested in working.
  • The online application process takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • Paper applications are no longer accepted.
How it works:
  1. After eligible candidates successfully complete the online application, the Financial Aid Office (FAO) will check eligibility (Receiving Pell).
  2. The FAO will forward the candidate's online application to the hiring manager.
  3. The hiring manager will determine if the candidate meets the minimum preferred qualifications.
  4. If the candidate meets the minimum preferred qualifications, the candidate will be contacted by the hiring manager to schedule an interview.
Successful Candidate’s steps:
  1. Will pick up the Part-time New Hire packet from the Human Resource Department located in room J-211 on the Athens Campus.
  2. Successfully complete and return ALL required documents within the Part-time New Hire packet to the Human Resources Department, in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. If the FAO gets the ‘Okay’ from the Human Resources Department, the FAO will contact the new hire to schedule a date and time for the FWS orientation.
  4. The new hire will be required to read and acknowledge their understanding of FWS policies. Afterwards, an email to the new hire will provide their ATC Timeclock ID and password and starting date.
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