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Placement Test

Athens Technical College utilizes the COMPASS exam for acceptance and course placement purposes. The COMPASS exam is a nationally recognized exam from ATC, Inc., that is used by many two and four-year colleges and universities. It is an untimed, computerized test that measures basic writing, reading, and math (pre-algebra and algebra) skills. Use of a calculator, which will be furnished for the test, is permitted on the math portion of COMPASS.

To process an application, the admissions office must have valid scores in reading, writing, pre-algebra and in algebra on the COMPASS exam from an applicant, or equivalent scores on another approved test.

In certain instances, Athens Technical College may utilize the ASSET placement test in lieu of the COMPASS exam. The ASSET is a paper-pencil assessment that is timed, and does not permit use of a calculator on the numerical skills portion of the test. However, a calculator is permitted on the elementary algebra portion of the test, and will be provided at the appropriate time during the test. The ASSET test is a fully accessible exam and may be used in large group administrations or to assist students with disabilities.

Results of the placement exams are used to indicate whether or not the applicant has sufficient skills in a specific content area that will enable them to be successful in college level classes or if they would benefit from remediation to strengthen these skills to ensure success within the college level English and Math classes.

Any applicant who submits official transcripts with evidence of prior English and Math courses at the college level may not be required to take the placement exam. Learning support classes taken at another institution may not be transferrable to Athens Technical College.