Retesting Policies and Registration

After 30 days from their original test date, an applicant is eligible to retest one time in writing, reading, and math.

To register to retest, a student must complete the Retesting Registration Form.This form may be printed from the link provided or picked up at any campus of Athens Technical College. The fee for the retest exam is $15 per section and is non-refundable

The completed registration form, with evidence of payment must be submitted to the testing site, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled retesting date. All dates are listed on page 2 of the retesting registration form.

If an applicant scores below the minimum scores at retest, they will be required to complete the appropriate learning support classes to advance to college level content courses. If a student is currently enrolled in a learning support class, the student may not request to retest in that content area until completion of the course.

If an applicant's scores fall below qualification of the learning support range on both their original administration and at retest, they must follow the Adult Education Retesting Policy for admittance to Athens Technical College.

It is not necessary to retake the entire test. Applicants should only retest on those sections which were not within the Regular Admission range.

The Adult Education Retesting Policy is for any applicants who are not currently enrolled in high school and who continue to score in the Adult Education range for their selected program in one or more basic skills areas on both their original test and retest. If that occurs, the applicant will be referred to the Adult Education Center in their county of residence for remedial work before being permitted to retest again. The Retesting Registration Form - Adult Education Status is available on each campus of the College. It contains detailed information about the Adult Education Retesting process. Each county in Georgia has an Adult Education Program which provides free instruction to build academic skills so that applicants can successfully exit that program, retest on the COMPASS placement exam after a 30-day waiting period, and gain admission to Athens Technical College.

Currently enrolled high school students who score in the Adult Education range on their first retest will not be allowed to retest again until after they have graduated from high school. They will not be required to complete the Adult Education remediation in order to retest after graduation unless they score in the Adult Education range on their second retest.