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Career Services

The Office of Career Services is responsible for career exploration,career planning and development,as well as strategic partnerships with local employers as they relate to students' success in a competitive and dynamic job market. For more information on these services, please select the desired link below.

Career Exploration & Assessments- The focus of career discovery is to assist students in determining a career pathway. There are many tools available to facilitate the selection of a program of study and related career opportunities. Current and prospective students are encouraged to take advantage of these resources.

Career Planning & Development- Career Services Staff provide students with tools and resources to obtain and maintain employment while in school and upon graduation. Seminars and online webcasts are available on a variety of topics related to professional development and job attainment.

Strategic Partnerships with Local Employers- The Office of Career Services works in collaboration with local employers to provide information regarding job opportunities to all ATC students and alumni. Prospective employers are invited to contact ATC career services to promote jobs through our online job messaging center using Optimal Resume, our physical job board, or to recruit students on campus.

Career assistance is available on every campus of Athens Technical College!

Walton Campus
Marjorie Heimer
Greene Campus
Sibley Bryan
Elbert Campus
Nathan Loyd
Athens Campus
Jessica Felts

For further information about the services offered by Athens Technical College Career Services, see our FAQ.