The Office of Registration & Records is responsible for maintaining student academic records, as well as the appropriate disclosure of those records. These records include grades, degree awards, transfer credits, etc. The following links offer further details pertinent to student academic records.

Transcripts - This link takes you to a form that must be used when requesting an official transcript to be sent from Athens Technical College. Complete this form and provide it to the Office of Registration & Records in person or by fax and make the appropriate payment with the Cashier's Office (706.355.5121) in order to have transcripts sent. Or, you can order a transcript through BannerWeb by following these instructions.

Enrollment/Degree Verifications - Students often request for the College to provide letters of verification that they are currently enrolled or that they have earned a particular credential. Information on how to obtain such documentation is available at this link.

FERPA- The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) protects students' educational records. Information on this legislation is available at this link.