Student Tackles Trio of Math Classes in One Semester


Jackson County resident Miranda King harbors little affection for mathematics, but her determination and hard work, coupled with a redesigned and more student-centered format for delivering developmental math courses at Athens Technical College enabled Click here to continue reading...

Success: Dream It. Be It.

Athens Technical College is one of nearly 200 community colleges nationwide and the first in Georgia to receive an invitation to Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count, the national effort aimed at improving student success.

Achieving the Dream was designed to help students, particularly low-income students and students of color, stay in college and earn a college certificate, diploma or degree. By creating more students with college credentials, Achieving the Dream and its participating community colleges are helping build a highly skilled workforce for their states and the nation.

Participation in Achieving the Dream required Athens Technical College to take a comprehensive analysis - both quantitatively and qualitatively - of its strengths, areas of concern, and achievement gaps and to develop an improvement plan based on findings from that study. The model fits in nicely with the college's strategic plan.

"We spent more than two years discussing our future and what we wanted our college to look like in 2015. The overriding theme to emerge was student success. Our faculty and staff wanted to know what we could do better that would help students realize their educational goals." - Athens Technical College President Dr. Flora Tydings.

Watch this video of an Athens Technical College student working to achieve her dreams
Video of Chasica working to achieve her dreams through Athens Tech.
"Getting a degree at Athens Tech will change my life in so many perspectives. I could have a better living for myself and my daughter. I could be actually doing something that I want to do rather than having a job that I have to do. I would be in a better place of life."