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Rhonda Lastie receives Social Worker of the Year Award

Rhonda Lastie receives Social Worker of the Year Award graphic

Rhonda Lastie, chair of the Social Work Assistant program at Athens Technical College, was selected as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Georgia Chapter Social Worker of the Year for 2011. Ms. Lastie, who joined the college in 2007, was presented with the award on Friday, October 14, 2011, at the 23rd annual statewide conference. 

This yearly honor is voted on by the Board of Directors of the association.  It recognizes an individual who demonstrates exceptional professional qualities that make her stand out beyond the expectations of her job.  Additional criteria for the award includes effectively integrating experience with education in an outstanding effort to help people, contributing to the public's knowledge of social work, and representing the professional ethics of social work as defined in the NASW Code of Ethics. Ms. Lastie was nominated by the four adjunct instructors in the Social Work Assistant program at Athens Technical College.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Lastie said she was “humbled by and appreciative of the award.” She described the experience as an opportunity to talk about the college’s Social Work Assistant Program and to reflect upon the people who have made an impact in her life.

In addition to talking about her family, Mrs. Lastie expressed admiration for the leadership of Athens Technical College. She described how they have demonstrated leadership qualities that serve as a role model for her, how they have challenged her to higher levels, and how they have shared their considerable knowledge with her.

Mrs. Lastie also talked about the four adjunct instructors who have worked tirelessly beside her to ensure both the success of the program and the students. Last, but certainly not least, Mrs. Lastie bragged on the students in the Social Work Assistant Program who have kept her on her toes and who continue to make her proud each and every day as they go out and work within their communities. 


Pictured Above: Rhonda Lastie covers important topics with students enrolled in the Social Work Assistant program at Athens Technical College.

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