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Online: Online courses are taught using the Internet with the bulk of the course content, activities and interactions occurring online. ATC requires at least one proctored activity in each online course. A proctored activity is a required learning event such as a midterm or final exam or presentation for which students must appear in person and present photo identification (such as a driver's license or ATC student ID) to verify their identity.
Classes that are taught partially via the Internet and partially via an on-campus classroom. (Example: Monday/Wednesday on campus, all other course-work online)
Type 1Courses include 50% or greater instruction via distance learning
Type 2Courses include less than 50% instruction via distance learning.
Web enhanced: Face to face class. Online resources are used to supplement the course. The web-based component of the course supports classroom instruction and may require students to use the Internet in order to interact with one another and the instructor, to review content, do research, complete and/or submit assignments, or take tests.
Video conference: Face to face class taught at two or more locations at the same time. The course is delivered by interactive audio/video technologies with the instructor teaching in one of the classroom locations, broadcasting to the other classroom locations.

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