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Parking Permits

Students pay a $20 parking fee, which is included as part of the registration fee each term. Students obtain parking stickers in the Admissions Office on the Athens Campus, the Student Affairs Office on the Elbert County Campus, the Manager's Office at the Greene County Campus, and the Director's Office on the Walton County Campus. Students must display parking stickers on their vehicles and must park in designated student parking areas. Students may not be able to park in a lot directly adjacent to their classroom building; therefore, students should allow ample time to park and walk across campus before the start of their classes.

Security guards patrol campus to enforce parking regulations and to assist with vehicle problems. Campus security issues tickets for illegally parked vehicles, including vehicles without proper stickers or those parked in reserved or restricted areas or on campus lawns. Athens Technical College security has the right to tow illegally parked vehicles and to assess a towing fine. Students who receive tickets must pay their fines before registering for classes, receiving grades or transcripts, or graduating.

Click here to print the Parking Registration form. Bring the completed form with you on New Student Registration Day so you can get your parking pass while you are on campus.

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