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Allied Health and Life Sciences

Because admission to health programs is competitive, applicants seeking admission to health-related programs of study must satisfy additional criteria not included in the section on General Admission Requirements. All health program admission criteria must be fulfilled and documentation must be on file in the Admissions Office by the application deadline listed for that program.

The scores listed for each measure are minimum scores needed to be considered for admission. Actual scores of those selected for the program may be higher than the stated minimums. Applicants not selected for admission to the program must reapply in order to be considered again during the next selection period. Applicants not selected are encouraged to meet with the dean of Allied Health and Life Sciences or a member of the program faculty to discuss ways to improve their candidacy or to discuss other educational options. Applicants interested in the programs offered in the Division of Allied Health and Life Sciences should attend one of the monthly orientation sessions held on the Athens Campus. See the Health Information Session page for dates and times.

Applicants for specific health-related programs of study may be admitted to the college prior to being officially accepted to their desired programs of study. Enrollment in the college (but not the program) allows students to complete any learning support and required general core courses. This process does not guarantee that students will be accepted to the programs for which they originally sought admission. These applicants are institutionally accepted to the college as candidates for competitive health programs.

Allied Health and Life Sciences Forms are located in the College Catalog