Collegiate DECA

DECA logo Collegiate DECA is a student driven organization that values competence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. We prepare students for careers by integrating skills learned in the classroom into real world experiences. Collegiate DECA programs assist in developing academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. Our students major in a variety of academic programs with a strong focus on business-related fields. Collegiate DECA conferences and other activities give students unique access to internships, scholarships, competition, and professional networking.

Typical Activities:
  • Weekly meetings in room I-406 at 3 pm on Mondays.
  • Fundraisers/ Public Service Activities.
  • DECA conferences.
  • Recruiting Fairs.
Contact Information
  • President: Morgan Shubert
  • Vice President: Mark Johnson
  • Treasurer: Melissa Aube
  • Secretary: Brittany Narey
  • Advisor: Ron Gaines
Social Media

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For further information, visit the Collegiate DECA National website