Financial Aid

Student Loans

Athens Technical College does not participate in any federal student or parent loan programs.

Private (Alternative) Educational Loans

Currently, students are eligible to apply for and receive loans from private lenders and the ATC Financial Aid Office will certify loans that do not exceed a student's unmet need. To determine this, ATC must have your completed and/or verified FAFSA on file (This will ensure that you have been awarded all applicable state and federal grants before you apply for a private student loan in addition to providing information on your unmet need). Your Estimated Financial Assistance and your Estimated Family Contribution will be deducted from your Cost of Attendance. This amount will be the "gap" left after the student's financial aid and personal contributions are taken into account. You can find your personal Estimated Financial Assistance on your Banner student web account. This information will also be included on your Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form.

The following is a list of Title IV and other grants and loans available to students

Students should exhaust all other opportunities before taking out a private student loan, and accordingly, these loans are treated as a "last resort" for student borrowers. Please remember that private student loans have much in common with credit card debt than federal student loans and should be handled responsibly. They are NOT guaranteed by the federal government and have different requirements and regulations. For general information regarding private student loans, you can visit

The following is a list of preferred lenders at Athens Technical College; they are in alphabetical order. These lenders are not affiliated. These lenders were chosen because they offered loan terms and conditions favorable to the borrower, in particular: competitive interest rates and fees, competitive loan terms, high quality servicing and customer service, and other benefits to the borrower. We also feel that these lenders are stable institutions that can provide flexible loan programs to meet our students' needs. You are not required to use lenders from this list; ATC will process all private loan certifications equally regardless of lender choice. Students should research and shop before applying for a private educational loan to ensure that they are receiving the best terms and rates available to them.

Wells Fargo
Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges - Click to get more information and/or apply
Interest Rate and Disclosure Information
Customer Service: 1-800-378-5526
Sallie Mae
Smart Option Student Loan - Click to get more information and/or apply
Interest Rate and Disclosure Information
Customer Service: 1-877-279-7172

The lenders on this list will be reviewed annually per federal guidelines to ensure that it is up to date and still in the best interest of our students.

Athens Technical College's Code of Conduct for Educational Loans prohibits the following: