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Online Orientation

No-Show Policy

No ShowA no-show is a student who does not attend class or make any attempt to contact his or her instructor during the first full week of the semester. You are expected to attend class beginning the first day of the semester. If you are absent from the first class meeting, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor and confirm that you intend to be a student in his or her class. 

Students taking online courses must log into the online instructional system within the first five days of the start of the academic term and complete the specified academic assignment as directed by the course instructor. Otherwise, instructors of online courses will report students as No Shows.

Consequences of Being a No-Show
The office of registration and records will remove no-show students from their classes, and instructors will not allow these students to attend classes during the second or subsequent weeks of the semester.

The Financial Aid Office will not award aid benefits for courses in which instructors report students as no-shows. The Financial Aid Office may also require students to repay all or a portion of the HOPE or Pell funds they received for the semester.

I will be turned in as a no show and REMOVED from my
class if I . .

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