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Campus Safety and Security

The safety of students, visitors, faculty, and staff is a priority of Athens Technical College. Police and security officers are responsible for responding to on-campus emergencies and safety issues.

Safety Escorts
Students who would like a safety escort from classes to their vehicles should contact campus security at (706) 621-9817 on the Athens Campus or (706)-213-2100 on the Elbert County Campus. Staff members at the Greene County (706-453-7435) or Walton County (770-207-3130) campuses will assist students at those locations.

Emergency Action Plan
Each classroom and laboratory contains a posted emergency action plan for fire or hazardous weather conditions. The plan includes evacuation instructions in case of emergency. Please take a moment to review the plan in each of your classrooms at the beginning of the term.

Emergency Contacts
In the event of fire, personal injury, or criminal action, someone witnessing the incident should notify the nearest instructor or staff member immediately. That person should also notify the director of safety and security (706-355-5039) or the vice president for student affairs (706-355-5029) immediately. If an emergency occurs on the Elbert (706-213-2100), Greene (706-453-7435), or Walton (770-207-3130) campuses, contact the respective campus director immediately.

RAVE Alert
Athens Technical College uses the Rave Alert System to send emergency notification information to faculty, staff, and students. The college is required by federal law to provide this type of service.

To register your account with your ATC student email address, login here and click the REGISTER button on the right side of the page. If you have an account and need to reset your password, enter your college email address as your username, and click the "forgot password" link. You may log in to update your information, add phone numbers or email addresses, or opt out of the service at any time.

In the event of an emergency, Athens Technical College will use the Rave Alert system to send voice and/or text messages to landlines, cell phones, and email accounts.

Athens Technical College is a Tobacco Free Campus. Tobacco and electronic smoking devices are prohibited on all campuses, with the exception of inside personal vehicles.

Skateboards and Rollerblades on Campus
Athens Technical College has prohibited the use of skateboards and rollerblades on campus property. No one may operate a skateboard or use rollerblades within campus buildings or on campus stairs, benches, sidewalks, walkways, ramps, parking lots, or lawn areas. This policy will prevent many unwanted injuries, making the college safer for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This policy will be enforced at all campus and adult learning center locations of Athens Technical College.

Haven Sexual Assault Training
Haven is the premier online program addressing the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. The Technical College System of Georgia has partnered with Everfi to provide first year and high school students with this valuable training. This information is presented in our First Semester Seminar course, but can be accessed by all Athens Technical College students at any time by clicking here and using registration code 9cbfe098.

More information about campus safety and security is available online by going to the Athens Technical College home screen, selecting Current Students -> Camputs Life and Activities -> Safety and Security. You may also access the Annual Safety and Security Report on the Campus Safety page. The Athens Technical College Police Department can be reached at any time at 706-355-5039.



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