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The person who will guide you in selecting classes each semester and making sure you are meeting the requirements of your program will be your advisor. Advisors are assigned based on a student's acceptance status and program of study. Your advisor's name is listed on your acceptance letter.

Each semester you must schedule an appointment with your advisor to be cleared for classes for the upcoming term. Your advisor will give you a Registration Access Code for you to enter when you are registering for classes online. You cannot register without this code, so be sure to see your advisor before registration starts each semester.

Advising Days
An advising day is scheduled each semester.  These days are the ideal time for you to meet with your advisor, discuss your progress, and obtain your Registration Access Code for the upcoming semester.  Classes are not held on advising days so that you and your advisor are available to meet.  Please contact your advisor to determine his or her appointment schedule during the advising days, or any time during the semester prior to registration. 

You can find more information on advisement, including how to contact your advisor from our Advisement Office Web page located under the Current Students menu on the Athens Technical College homepage.

I must meet with my advisor every term.

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WrongIncorrect.Students who do not see an advisor, cannot register for classes.

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