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Scheduling Classes

Math Class

Time of Day

Athens Technical College offers classes on many different days and at many different times, so you should be able to find a schedule that works for you. If you have a job where you need to work evenings, you can schedule your classes for the mornings. If you are just not a morning person or work an early shift, then you can schedule your classes for the afternoons. Furthermore, if you can only attend classes certain days of the week, you may be able to plan your schedule so that all of your classes are on the same days.

Classroom Location
When planning your college schedule, you need to be aware of the locations of the classrooms. You need to allow enough time to get from one location to another without being late to class. If you have a class that ends at 9:50 a.m., you may not have time to walk to a 10:00 a.m. class that is on the other side of campus. In addition, Athens Technical College offers courses in Athens, Elberton, Greene County, and Walton County. When viewing the course offerings, be aware of the campus location and whether the class format is lecture, hybrid, audio-video, or online. Refer to your campus map to help you determine where your classes are located.   

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