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Accessing Blackboard 

Where to Login

You can log onto Blackboard using the following URL:


You can also log onto Blackboard by hovering over the Resources link tab and selecting E-Learning on the ATC homepage.

Blackboard Username and Password 

Username is "22_" + nine digit student id number

  Example: An ATC student whose student id number is 910XXXXXX
         Username: 22_910XXXXXX
         Password:  22_910XXXXXX


Changing Your Password

Blackboard recommends that you change your password periodically to ensure security. Do not use common personal information as your password, such as your name.

Use the following steps to change your password:

  1. From the global navigation menu (At the top of any page, click the arrow next to your name to access My Blackboard and the global navigation menu.), click Settings, and then click Personal Information. You can also access Personal Information on the Tools panel.
  2. On the Personal Information page, click Change Password.
  3. On the Change Password page, type a new password. The password must be at least 8-10 characters and contain no spaces.
  4. Type the password again to ensure accuracy.
  5. Click Submit.

Blackboard Course Availability

Students will have access to their courses through Blackboard on the first day of scheduled classes in the semester. If the first day has passed and you still can't see a course on Blackboard, please contact your instructor or submit a tech support ticket.

Check Your Knowledge

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Courses are available in Blackboard when you register for classes.


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It is recommended that you change your password after logging into Blackboard for the first time.