An assessment might also be called a quiz, test, or exam. The assessment may contain questions that can be graded automatically by ANGEL (multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, ordering) and/or questions that will need to be graded by the instructor (essay, short answer). Your instructor may set up the assessment so that you see your grade as soon as you complete the assessment, when all questions have been graded, or so you do not see it until a later time. The type of review available at the end of the assessment is also determined by your instructor. Your instructor will provide you with test grade and review availability in your course.


Important requirements for timed assessments

If your instructor has set a time limit for your assessment, the following instructions must be followed to ensure you successfully submit your test.

1. You must not have any other windows open other than the testing window. This means, do not open a Word document, email, additional browser windows, etc. This may result in a disruption in your test and could result in a zero.

2. You may not begin an assessment and finish it at a later time (unless your instructor has given a long time to complete the test). Once the timer has started on an ANGEL test, it continues to countdown even if the student navigates away from the test. Most assessments may only be accessed once!

3. If you experience any technical difficulties at all, email your instructor at once with a DETAILED description of what occurred.

Failure to follow the above guidelines and/or additional guidelines set by your instructor may result in an assessment that cannot be graded.

1. Begin by clicking the assessment.

quiz-1 picture

2. The assessment will open.

begin test picture

a. Instructions and information about the assessment will be listed, including the number of questions, the number of attempts allowed, the time limit for the test, and the type of review. It will also advise you that the assessment will open in a new window.

caution icon


Caution: You must have pop-up blockers disabled to take an assessment.


b. Click the Begin Now button to start. If the button is not accessible, the assessment is not available for you to take it.

c. Once the assessment has been submitted, the results (as set up by the instructor) will display within this box.




If the Begin Now button is not accessible, contact E-learning.



3. Take the assessment.

picture of timer

a. If the assessment has a time limit, you will first see a screen advising you that there is a time limit. Click Continue to proceed. Otherwise, the assessment screen will appear.

b. If the assessment has a time limit, a count-down timer will display in the upper-right corner.

c. Answer all questions. This assessment has been set so that all questions appear at once.

4. Your instructor may include other settings for the assessment.

5. The assessment may also be set so that it automatically submits when the time limit has been reached. Be aware that the clock starts ticking as soon as you begin the assessment. If you close the test or leave for any reason, the clock will continue to count down, and the test will be submitted when the time is up.

6. When you are finished, submit the assessment.

picture of quiz

a. Click the Submit button when you are ready to submit the assessment. If the assessment is being

delivered one question at a time, this button will appear on the screen with the last question. Remember

that "Submit" means submit the assessment.

b. After you click the Submit button, a window will appear advising you that the assessment will be

submitted and requiring you to click the OK button to proceed.

7. You will return to the original assessment page and your results will be displayed according to the settings input by your instructor. If you have questions about the assessment, contact your instructor.


 If you are taking an untimed assessments, your instructor will provide instructions for taking the assessment.



Students may open other windows during an exam as long as it
is related to the exam.




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