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ANGEL Home Page Components

The following figure shows a typical ANGEL Home page, with the following options:

picture of ANGEL homepage

1. Courses. All your courses in which you are enrolled will be listed here. You will not see your course(s) listed until your instructor or your institution has made it available for you to access. Click the course name to enter that course.

2. Community Groups. A community group can be a club or student organization that has an ANGEL presence. You will see any groups in which you are a member listed here. Click the group name to enter that group.

3. Course Mail. Allows you to compose or read email messages.

4. Today's Calendar. Displays all events for that day that have been added to any of the calendars within your courses and/or groups.

5. Toolbox. Allows you to add personal bookmarks, upload files, and add events to a personal calendar.

6. My Announcements. Current announcements from your courses and/or groups will be displayed. The course or group from which the announcement originated will be displayed underneath the announcement.

7. Public Announcement. Any current public announcement will display.

8. Public Information. Any current public events or other information will display.

9. Identity bubble. Your name appears here; clicking the arrow at the end of the label will display a drop-down link to all your open courses and groups. This label also appears inside all your courses and groups so that you can navigate to another course or group without returning to your ANGEL Home page.

10. Edit Page. Allows you to add or delete components to your ANGEL Home page, as well as move present components to different columns.


Power Strip

On the left side of the page is a row of vertical buttons called a Power Strip. These buttons will be available to you wherever you are in ANGEL.

picture of powerstrip function


1. Home. This is the Home button that will bring you back to your ANGEL Home page.

2. Help. The Help button opens an online Help manual as well as links to other manuals that can be downloaded and printed.

3. Log off. The Log off button will close your ANGEL session. Always click on the Log off button when you are done with your ANGEL session.

4. Personal Preferences. The Preferences button allows you to add any personal information that you want to make available to other ANGEL users, as well as define some system settings, change your password, and change your ANGEL theme.

5. Accessibility. The 508 link allows you to define profiles for accessibility purposes or upload an Accessibility for Learner Information Profile (ACCLIP) file. For example, you could optimize your ANGEL environment for use with a screen reader or define color avoidance preferences.

6. PDA. The Personal Digital Assistant link allows you to activate the PDA display settings.

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Your Courses

The Courses section of your personal home page gives you access to all the courses for which you are enrolled, either as a student or instructor. To access a course, simply click on the course's name; information about the selected course appears on a new page. Please remember that you will not see your courses listed until the first day of classes.

courses image

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Navigation Tabs/Bread Crumbs


When you access a course, a set of navigation tabs appears across the top of the ANGEL window. Click a tab to view a page containing one or more specific types of information about the course. Your instructor will explain how they use ANGEL and which features they expect you to use in their course. The Student Quickstart Guide is a helpful tool to review before classes begin. As you navigate through the tabs, the Bread Crumb frame updates to show your current location within the course-related information.

navigation tab picture

The following tabs are available (please note your course could be slightly different depending on what the instructor chooses to offer):

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learning activity Drag the labels from the bottom to the correct slots.
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JavaScript enabled.

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Value: 8
Match the items.
The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. Appearing below is a list of lettered items. Following that is a list of numbered items. Each numbered item is followed by a drop-down. Select the letter in the drop down that best matches the numbered item with the lettered alternatives.
a. Library, Calendar, News, Public Surveys and Forums
b. Angel Home page
c. Preferences
d. Personal Home page
e. Navigation Tabs
f. Help
g. Breadcrumb
h. Power Strip


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