Viewing Your Grades in ANGEL

There are two possible ways to view your grades. A Grades module may appear on your course homepage if your instructor has enabled that feature of ANGEL. You can click the Report tab or the grading block after you log in, both will take you to the Reports page. Change your report settings as instructed below to view your grades.



Report Settings

Under Category choose Grades


Under Report choose Student Grades


Click Run

Scroll down.  You will see all your grades. 

Note: If you have questions about your grade (s), contact your instructor immediately.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you view your grades on your course homepage, remember to click on the refresh icon to update grade postings. It is the small circular arrow in the upper right corner of the Grades module. Instructors may or may not have a grades module on your course homepage. But the Reports tab, as described above, is usually available.



  Place in the correct order

Put the items in the correct order.
Below is a sequence of events. Place them in the order they should occur, number 1 being the first item. Select the step number from the drop down next to each item.
Items to order:
1. Choose Student Grades
2. Click the Reports Tab
3. Click the Run button
4. Click on Grades



Click to close