Nature of Work

Cosmetologists focus on providing hair care services to enhance the appearance of customers. A number of workers offer specialized services. Manicurists and pedicurists work exclusively on nails and provide manicures, pedicures, polishing, and nail extensions to clients. Skin care specialists, or estheticians, cleanse and beautify the skin by giving facials, full-body treatments, and head and neck massages, as well as apply makeup. They also may remove hair through waxing or, if properly trained, with laser treatments. Finally, in larger salons, shampoo technicians specialize in shampooing and conditioning hair.

In addition to working with clients, personal appearance workers may keep records of hair color or skin care regimens used by their regular clients. A growing number actively sell hair, skin, and nail care products. Cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers who operate their own salons have managerial duties that may include hiring and supervising workers, as well as keeping business and inventory records, ordering supplies, and arranging for advertising.

Career Outlook

Cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers held about 663,300 jobs nationally in 20012. Overall employment of cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers will grow by 13 percent nationally from 2012 through 2022.

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Credentials You Can Earn


Hair Designers


Shampoo Technician

Program Expenses

The Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities to notify students and prospective students of all program costs for which they will be responsible. Students will be responsible for the following expenses:

Admissions Fees

  • Nonrefundable application fee ($25)

Outside Vendor Fees Prior to Beginning COSM or ESTH Courses

  • Program kits (approximately $750 for the Cosmetology program, $290 for the Esthetician program, and $100 for the Shampoo Technician program)
  • Uniforms (Approximately $100 for the Cosmetology program and $50 for the Esthetician and Shampooing Technician programs)
  • Professional Beauty Association membership fee ($20) 

Semester Fees

  • Tuition ($89 per credit hour)
  • Accident Insurance Fee ($4 per term)
  • Campus Supply Fee ($40 per term)
  • Instruction Fee ($55 per term)
  • Parking Fee ($20 per term)
  • Campus Safety Fee ($25 per term)
  • Registration Fee ($50 per term)
  • Student Activity Fee ($30 per term)
  • Technology Fee ($105 per term)

Throughout the Program

  • Textbooks (Approximately $400 for the Cosmetology program, $405 for the Esthetician program, and $250 for the Shampooing Technician program)
  • Supply Fees (Varies — See course descriptions for exact amounts)
  • Practical exam supplies (Approximately $20)

Outside Vendor Fees At Program Completion

  • State Board Exam ($109 for the Cosmetology and Esthetician programs)
  • State Board License Application ($30 for the Cosmetology and Esthetician programs)

These expenses are based on costs in effect at the time this catalog was published. Prices are subject to change.

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Teresa Bowles, Program Chair
Teresa G. Bowles, Cosmetology Program Chair, Business and Education division, joined the Athens Technical College faculty in 2006. Along with over 30 years' experience in the industry, Ms. Bowles also taught as an adjunct at the college. She earned her Cosmetology diploma at Athens Technical College and a Bachelor’s of Science in Education for the University of Georgia. Ms. Bowles received the Rick Perkins Nominee award in 2011 and 2016 and Is currently involved with the Professional Beauty Association, Look Good Feel Good program, Hair and Makeup of Northeast Georgia as well as attends seminars related to the beauty industry to maintain knowledge and techniques up to date.
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