Early Childhood Care and Education

Nature of Work

Childcare workers nurture, teach, and care for children who have not yet entered kindergarten. In addition to attending to children's health, safety, and nutrition, childcare workers organize activities and implement curricula that stimulate children's physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. They help children explore individual interests, develop talents and independence, build self-esteem, learn how to get along with others, and prepare for more formal schooling.

Career Outlook

Childcare workers held about 1.3 million jobs nationally in 2012. Child daycare services employed about 24 percent of all childcare workers, and about 11 percent worked primarily in educational services. About 24 percent of childcare workers were self-employed. Employment of childcare workers is projected to increase by 14 percent from 2012 through 2022.

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Credentials You Can Earn

Associate Degree
Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Program Expenses

The Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities to notify students and prospective students of all program costs for which they will be responsible. Students will be responsible for the following expenses:

Admissions Fees

  • Nonrefundable application fee ($25)

Semester Fees

  • Tuition ($89 per credit hour)
  • Accident Insurance Fee ($4 per term)
  • Campus Supply Fee ($40 per term)
  • Instruction Fee ($55 per term)
  • Parking Fee ($20 per term)
  • Campus Safety Fee ($25 per term)
  • Registration Fee ($50 per term)
  • Student Activity Fee ($30 per term)
  • Technology Fee ($105 per term)

Throughout the Program

  • Textbooks (Approximately $3,500 for the associate degree program, $2,7000 for the diploma program, and $1,000 for the certificate program)
  • Supply Fees (Varies — See course descriptions for exact amounts)
  • Malpractice Insurance Fee ($11 per year)
  • Criminal Record Check ($10-$50 per year)

These expenses are based on costs in effect at the time this catalog was published. Prices are subject to change.

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Lisa White, Program Chair
The mission of the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) program is to provide students with a combination of child development theory and practical applications necessary for successful employment. The ECCE program prepares students to work with young children and their families. ECCE offers the ECCE Basics TCC, diploma, and associate degree programs. The ECCE Basics TCC consists of 3 classes and is the minimum requirement to be a lead teacher in a licensed child care center or regulated family home in Georgia. The ECCE Diploma is a one year college degree. Student who have the ECCE Diploma qualify additionally to be an assistant teacher in Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms. The ECCE Associate Degree is a two year college degree. Student who have the ECCE Associate Degree qualify additionally to be a lead teacher in Early Head Start and Head Start classroom and paraprofessionals in elementary school classrooms. ECCE graduates can also work at many community agencies who provide services to child care centers, families, and children. Many ECCE Associate Degree graduates want to continue their education to get the 4-year or Bachelor Degree. ECCE has 2-plus-2 articulation agreements with Piedmont College, Georgia State University, and Mercer University. This means that students who completed an Associate Degree would just need another two years of classes to graduate with a Bachelor Degree. The agreement with Piedmont College is with the Early Childhood Education program. Student who continue on to Piedmont College can graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education and are teacher certificate eligible to teach pre-k through 5th grade. The agreements with Georgia State University and Mercer University are with the Birth to 5 programs. Student who continue on to these universities can graduate with a degree in Child Development and are teacher certificate eligible for pre-k and kindergarten. Please talk with your ECCE advisor for additional information.
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