Nature of Work

Radiographers produce x-ray images (radiographs) of parts of the human body for use in diagnosing medical problems. They prepare patients for radiologic examinations by explaining the procedure, removing jewelry and other articles through which x-rays cannot pass, and positioning patients so that the parts of the body can be appropriately radiographed. To prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation, these workers surround the exposed area with radiation protection devices such as lead shields or limit the size of the x-ray beam. Radiographers position radiographic equipment at the correct angle and height over the appropriate area of a patient's body. Using instruments similar to a measuring tape, they may measure the thickness of the section to be radiographed and set controls on the x-ray machine to produce radiographs of the appropriate density, detail, and contrast.

They must follow physicians' orders precisely and conform to regulations concerning the use of radiation to protect themselves, their patients, and their coworkers from unnecessary exposure. In addition to preparing patients and operating equipment, radiologic technologists keep patient records and adjust and maintain equipment. They also may prepare work schedules, evaluate purchases of equipment, or manage a radiology department.

Career Outlook

Radiologic technologists held about 199,200 jobs in 2012. The industries that employed the most technologists in 2012 were as follows:

Employment opportunities are projected to increase by approximately 21 percent from 2012 to 2022.

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Credentials You Can Earn

Associate of Applied Science

Computed Tomography Specialist

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist

Program Expenses

The Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities to notify students and prospective students of the all program costs for which they will be responsible. Students will be responsible for the following expenses:


Admissions Fees

  • Nonrefundable application fee ($25)
  • Program Placement Examination ($60)

Outside Vendor Fees Prior to Beginning RADT Courses

  • Hepatitis B Immunization ($265)
  • T-Dap Immunization ($50)
  • MMR ($80)
  • Varicella ($120)
  • Physical Examination (Approximately $200)
  • Uniforms (Approximately $250)
  • Trajecsys Clinical Record System ($150)

Semester Fees  


  • Tuition ($89 per credit hour)
  • Accident Insurance Fee ($4 per term)
  • Campus Supply Fee ($40 per term)
  • Instruction Fee ($55 per term)
  • Parking Fee ($20 per term)
  • Campus Safety Fee ($25 per term)
  • Radiation Monitor Fee ($25)
  • Registration Fee ($50 per term)
  • Student Activity Fee ($30 per term)
  • Technology Fee ($105 per term)

Throughout the Program

  • Background Checks and Drug Screenings (Approximately $100 per required check/screening)
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (Approximately $35)
  • Annual Tuberculosis Test ($50 per year)
  • Annual Flu Vaccine ($50 per year)
  • Dosimeters ($33 per term)
  • Malpractice Insurance ($11 per year)
  • Textbooks (Approximately $1,000)
  • Supply Fee (Varies — See course descriptions for exact amount)

Outside Vendor Fees at Program Completion

  • Certification Examination ($200)

These expenses are based on costs in effect at the time this catalog was published. Prices are subject to change.

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Amanda Stanley, Program Chair
Amanda Stanley The Program Chair, Amanda Stanley received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Capital Performance from Valdosta State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She received her Associate of Applied Science in in Radiography in 2013 from Athens Technical College in Athens Georgia. Mrs. Stanley is registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in Radiography. Mrs. Stanley worked full time on staff at Piedmont Athens Regional and served as Clinical Instructor for students from the Radiography Program at Athens Technical College. She has extensive expertise in inpatient/outpatient diagnostic imaging, trauma imaging and interventional radiography. Mrs. Stanley is originally from Gwinnett County and currently resides in Barrow County.
Office Location: A-101
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