Our Impact

Athens Tech is Committed to the Regional Economy

Economic Development Services provides non-credit workforce development programs and lifelong learning opportunities to businesses and individual citizens within the counties served by Athens Technical College. Our goal is to become a strategic partner with organizations to enhance a culture of continuous process improvement and develop quality management systems.

The top industries impacted by Athens Technical College include:

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Healthcare and Social Assistance

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Manufacturing & Production


Government, Non-Education

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Hospitality Services

In addition, EMSI’s (Economic Impact Study) investment analysis revealed:

For every $1 invested in ATC by students, the College returns $5.60 in additional lifetime earnings.
For every $1 invested in ATC by taxpayers, the College returns $5.90 to government coffers.
For every $1 invested in ATC by society, the College returns $16.90 in added state revenue and social savings reductions for government-funded services in Georgia.

Partnering with Employers

Athens Tech partners with local employers to create courses directly related to their industry. This has had a tremendous impact on the economic status in the surrounding areas while helping recent graduates find high-paying jobs after graduation.

Georgia Quickstart and the Retraining Tax Credit

Athens Technical College’s Economic Development Services serves an eleven-county area surrounding Athens. Our customized training is tailored to meet specific needs and our classes include a variety of subject areas including safety, computer workshops, first-aid, CPR, management and supervisory development, maintenance improvements, quality systems such as Six Sigma, and forklift training.

The programs may be taught on-site at the company or at Athens Technical College locations and may be scheduled to accommodate all shifts. We also administer the Georgia Quick Start and the Retraining Tax Credit programs for clients in our service area. Please call 404-253-2815 for more information.

Working With Local Businesses To Establish a Stronger Economy

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