Academic Advisors

The Academic Advising Center is a part of the Office of Registration & Records and is responsible for assisting students in various aspects of program, career, and course selection.

Academic Advisors work with students to determine the best educational plan on an individual basis. The Academic Advising Center also offers special academic advising services to assist students in the following ways:

  • Advising students who are attempting to enter competitive health programs.
  • Deciding on an initial program of study as they enter the College or determine a new program of study for students unsure of their career path.
  • Understanding program or course requirements
  • Calculating students’ current or potential grade point average.
  • Making decisions about the possibility of transferring to other institutions of higher education.

In most cases students’ academic advisors are members of the faculty associated with the selected program of study. If students are not sure of who their assigned advisor is, they may use the system below to determine the name and contact information of their advisor.

Find Your Advisor

To determine the name and contact information for your academic advisor, enter your student ID number below and select “Find Advisor.” You cannot use your social security number.

If no advisor is found: