ATC’s Special Populations services are designed to assist students in balancing school, work, and family. By working with our Special Populations Coordinator, students can gain support in meeting their academic and career goals.

Services are available for students, based on eligibility, and their self-identification in one or more of the following special population identifications:

  • Single parents
  • English learners
  • Students identified as homeless

Services Offered

  • Academic Case Management
  • Career guidance, seminars, and other skill-building opportunities throughout the term
  • Referrals to on-campus and off-campus resources as needed
  • Lending Library Program for those that qualify
Lending Library Program

ATC offers a Lending Library for students enrolled in the Special Populations program, based on financial need. We have a limited number of textbooks to loan to students for the semester. In order to participate, students must fill out an enrollment form and submit a copy of their schedule for the semester. To determine the financial need of the student, we look at the estimated cost of the book purchase in relation to the available distributed financial aid receives each semester. Since students are evaluated each semester, there is no guarantee of availability for all requests.

To enroll in the Lending Library program, students should complete a Special Populations/Lending Library enrollment form and submit a copy of their Student Detail Schedule. This form can be found here or picked up in the Special Populations office located in room K-614 of the Athens Campus.

Please refer to the contact information below if you are a student in need of additional assistance or support:

Shelby Maxwell

For more information, please contact:

Shelby Maxwell

Coordinator - Special Populations

Athens CampusK-614C