Student IT FAQ

  1. is a great place to update your password, particularly if you’ve forgotten your old password.
  2. If you need help and can’t reset your password at Okta, you should submit a support ticket.
  3. When you do know your password, you can log in at and reset it there. You can also reset it at any ATC computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and then select “Change a password.”
  1. Contact your instructor with your question. An online directory is available.
  2. Online resources are available 24×7 including an FAQ and technical support information on the Online Learning page
  3. If your instructor has not been able to answer your question, submit a support request  and someone from our E-Learning department will follow up with you.
  1. Students will have their own Wi-Fi network (ATC_STUDENTS) using their email address and SSO password.
  2. Visitors may obtain the ATC_GUEST Wi-Fi- password from faculty/staff or use computers available in the library.
  1. Confirm that you are able to log in to your ATC student email account.
  2. Send a request for Banner Web to be unlocked from your ATC email account to