President’s and Dean’s Lists Announced for Fall Semester 2022

Athens Technical College President, Dr. Andrea D. Daniel, has announced the students named to
the President’s and Dean’s Lists for Fall Semester 2022. The President’s List includes all full-time
students (enrolled for 12 or more semester credit hours) who earned a grade point average of
4.0 during the fall semester. The Dean’s List is awarded to students enrolled in 12 or more credit
hours who earned a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9 for the fall semester.

Students named to the President’s List are: Roderick Abdon (Air Conditioning Technology),
Clayton Adams (Engineering Technology), Maddilyn Adams (Interdisciplinary Studies), Cheyenne
Atkins (Social Work Assistant), Natalie Babin (Esthetician), Caylan Barron (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Lilly Boerrigter (Computer Support Specialist), Earl Borron (Barbering), Kaysie Bowen
(Radiography), Dalton Brady (Industrial Systems Technology), Courtney Brown (Cosmetology),
Wesley Brownlee (Cosmetology), Liberty Burnette (Cosmetology), Charles Burrows (Bioscience),
Tara Bush (Practical Nursing), Haley Caldwell (Esthetician), Sherlyn Camacho (Institutionally
Accepted), Holly Canup (Cosmetology), Rosalyn Carpenter (Cosmetology), Cheyenne Carter
(Radiography), Jessica Chavers (Radiography), Rebecca Conner (Cosmetology), Emily Cowan
(EMS Professions), Anna Crowe (Radiography), Carley Crowe (Early Childhood Care), Willy Cuatlal
(Automotive Technology), Emily Culpepper (Practical Nursing), Samuel Davidson (Radiography),
Abigail Davis (Radiography), Casey Denson (Networking Specialist), Daniel Donaldson (Auto
Collision Repair), Camden Drouault (Business Management), Mary Elder (Networking Specialist),
Ryan Evans (Institutionally Accepted), Karol Fabian (Interdisciplinary Studies), Mary Fettic
(Practical Nursing), Malorie Fincher (Accounting), Michael Fleming (Computer Support
Specialist), Richard Fleming (Air Conditioning Technology), Perrin Floyd (Cosmetology), Micah
Frizzell (Interdisciplinary Studies), Grace Fuller (Cosmetology), Brianna Gaona (Cosmetology),
Kathryn Gasperec (Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance Technology), Amie Geeter
(Radiography), Kensley Godbee (Interdisciplinary Studies), Tykeya Gray (Cosmetology), Dawson
Guest (Consumer Economics), Robert Hale (Drafting Technology), Katherine Herc (Radiography),
Tequilla Hill (Esthetician), Jalen Hitchcock (Esthetician), Sydney Holcomb (Business
Management), Kayode Hull (Auto Collision Repair), Madison Hutchins (Cosmetology), Annie
Jablonski (Radiography), Alexis Johnson (Practical Nursing), Loren Johnson (Networking
Specialist), Gregory Jordan (Diesel Equipment Technology), Charles Kantz (Air Conditioning
Technology), Denedria Kelly (Esthetician), Kimberly Kesler (Practical Nursing), Feona Khlunova
(Institutionally Accepted), Payton Kidd (Business Management), Bryson King (Business
Management), Bria Kinley (Esthetician), Marlee Kinley (Esthetician), Mackenzie Kitchens
(Esthetician), William Larson (Emerging Technologies), David Lawless (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Mariah Leslie (Institutionally Accepted), Teddy Lovelace (Industrial Systems Technology), Gracie
Lowrance (Accounting), Jonah Lowrance (Interdisciplinary Studies), Ashley Lumley (Practical
Nursing), Amber Lynn (Early Childhood Care), Kipp Maddox (Industrial Systems Technology),
Luke Malcom (Precision Machining and Manufacturing), Hope Maldonado (Esthetician), Heather
McGee (Practical Nursing), Charmaine Means (Practical Nursing), Gabriel Melendez (Welding
Technology), Landyn Millard (Diesel Equipment Technology), Rayna Mobley (Cosmetology), Ava
Moon (Cosmetology), Caroline Morris (Cosmetology), Karriem Muhammad (Air Conditioning
Systems Maintenance Technology), Ivone Munoz (Radiography), Benjamin Nation (Diesel
Equipment Technology), Kimberly Navarro (Cosmetology), Jewel Newton (Cosmetology), Bailey
Nix (Early Childhood Care), Emerita Ortega (Paralegal Studies), Anna Parker (Cosmetology),
Bryan Parra (Air Conditioning Technology), Archy Patel (Paralegal Studies), Winter Pinke
(Practical Nursing), Garrett Ramey (Air Conditioning Technology), Lissette Ramirez (Networking
Specialist), Yajaira Ramirez (Practical Nursing), Sosie Randall (Interdisciplinary Studies), Bu Reh
(Air Conditioning Technology), Cesar Reyes (Diesel Equipment Technology), Kenneth Ricks (Air
Conditioning Systems Maintenance Technology), Micaela Roark (Practical Nursing), Jaden
Rodriguez (Institutionally Accepted), Jackson Roush (Engineering Technology), Stephanie Salas
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Brenda Salazar (Practical Nursing), Ravyn Saxon (Cosmetology),
Kimberly Segura (Social Work Assistant), Natalie Smith (Cosmetology), Hannah Snelling (Medical
Assisting), Coleman Stancil (Air Conditioning Technology), Jacob Stegall (Auto Collision Repair),
Brock Tate (Air Conditioning Technology), Rhead Tate (Air Conditioning Technology), Jeffrey
Thomas (Drafting Technology), Kaitlyn Thomas (Cosmetology), Sarah Thomas (Cosmetology),
William Thurman (Interdisciplinary Studies), Carmen Tirado (Cosmetology), Shadian Torres
(Barbering), Kevin Tucux (Air Conditioning Technology), Aiden Turner (Institutionally Accepted),
Leslie Victoria (Esthetician), Ferry Vilchez (Air Conditioning Technology), Christina Vogt
(Cosmetology), Justin Watts (Interdisciplinary Studies), Mary Weiss (Esthetician), Kara Whitmire
(Radiography), Caleb Williams (Auto Collision Repair), Leighann Worley (Radiography), and
Rachel Zatuchny (Paralegal Studies).

Students named to the Dean’s List are: Savannah Adams (Esthetician), Eric Alberto
(Networking Specialist), Brendy Anderson (Practical Nursing), Tiffany Anderson (Veterinary
Technology), Jai’Lyn Armour (Institutionally Accepted), J’nia Baughns
(Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism), David Bland (Auto Collision Repair), Renee Bluestein
(Interdisciplinary Studies), James Bray (Bioscience), Leigha Brownlee (Physical Therapist
Assistant), Ethan Burgess (Interdisciplinary Studies), Jonathan Bustamante (Auto Collision
Repair), Natalie Caldwell (Early Childhood Care), Vanessa Castillo (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Matthew Cates (Consumer Economics), Jzock Clark (Air Conditioning Technology), Landon
Conner(Engineering Technology Basics), Laura Cotton (Physical Therapist Assistant), Whitley
Cronic (Cosmetology), Devin Crooms (Physical Therapist Assistant), William Dake (EMS
Professions), Shaundrea Daniel (Early Childhood Care), Chantilly Davenport (Early Childhood
Care), Hayden Davis (Interdisciplinary Studies), Daily Diaz (Interdisciplinary Studies), Zachary
Dixon (Interdisciplinary Studies), Alissa Drake (Medical Assisting), Taylor Dubose (Networking
Specialist), Ruth Dunn (Business Management), Aubrey Eberhart (Drafting Technology), Sarah
Ellstein (Cosmetology), Diana Estrada (Veterinary Technology), Lauren Farlow (EMS Professions),
Laniya Faust (Institutionally Accepted), Jacob Ferguson (Welding Technology), Julio Fierro
(Paralegal Studies), Emma Friess (Early Childhood Care), Katherine Gabriel (Business
Management), Kelly Gemao (Auto Fundamentals), Jared Gilbert (Air Conditioning Technology),
Jamie Gilmore (Interdisciplinary Studies), Maggie Gleason (Business Management), Jesus
Gonzalez (Engineering Technology), Jessie Harrington (Veterinary Technology), Gary Harrison
(Welding Technology), Jenna Hazle (Accounting), Eric Helm (Emerging Technologies), Gavin
Henderson (Emerging Technologies), Isabela Hincapie (Interdisciplinary Studies), Jared Howell
(Drafting Technology), Kaitlyn Hudson (Veterinary Technology), Madeline Huth (Institutionally
Accepted), Grace Irvin (Paralegal Studies), Jace Jachimski (Institutionally Accepted), Acton
Jackson (Radiography), Savanna Jackson (Interdisciplinary Studies), Anquinesha Johnson
(Practical Nursing), Benjamin Johnson (Welding Technology), Eric Judkins (Computer Support
Specialist), George King (Interdisciplinary Studies), Thomas Kohler (EMS Professions), Alexander
Lange (Engineering Technology), Brandi Lawson (Interdisciplinary Studies), Sofia Lee
(Interdisciplinary Studies), James Lester (Institutionally Accepted), Logan Manders (Networking
Specialist), Alexis Mares (Drafting Technology), Rachel Marett (Interdisciplinary Studies), Leah
Marquess (Health Care Assistant), Stanley Maxwell (Drafting Technology), Ellie McClain
(Cosmetology), Ethan McDonald (Practical Nursing), Joel Mejia (Accounting), Genesis Mendoza
(Early Childhood Care), Justin Minyard (Paramedicine), Mackenzie Mjelde (Esthetician), Amelia
Parker (Early Childhood Care), Bronwen Pemberton (Interdisciplinary Studies), Kristen Perkins
(Dental Assisting), Shelby Pfeiffer (Interdisciplinary Studies), Austin Pinkerton (Institutionally
Accepted), Julissa Polanco (Cosmetology), Kaleigh Pursley (Interdisciplinary Studies), Samaiyah
Ra’aid (Paralegal Studies), Caiden Ragland (Air Conditioning Technology), Jordan Rector
(Cosmetology), Trevor Reese (Accounting), Aaron Richardson (Welding Technology), Magaly
Rios (Early Childhood Care), Briceida Rivera (Interdisciplinary Studies), Brynnen Roberts
(Marketing Management), ,Erika Rogeberg (Early Childhood Care) , Morgan Rowe
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Tristan Simone (Marketing Management), David Smith (Engineering
Technology), Emma Smith (Cosmetology), Jackson Smith (Conservation Law), Sydney Smith
(Social Work Assistant), Makenna Sommers (Cosmetology), Joshua Stegall (Auto Collision
Repair), Michael Stephenson (Interdisciplinary Studies), Mue Su (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Hunter Swint (Radiography), Kennedy Terry (Cosmetology), Gabriel Tijerina (Medical Assisting),
Miyana Vaca (Cosmetology), Bryan Valladares (Welding Technology), Isabel Vanderpool
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Brian Villanueva (Air Conditioning Technology), Dah Wah
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Sara Wallace (Cosmetology), Hannah Watson (Esthetician), Manya
Wilkins (Early Childhood Care), Hailey Williams (Cosmetology), Laneer Woodham (Veterinary
Technology), and Erendira Zepeda (Institutionally Accepted).