President’s and Dean’s Lists Announced for Fall Semester 2023

Athens Technical College President, Dr. Andrea D. Daniel, has announced the students named to
the President’s and Dean’s Lists for Fall Semester 2023. The President’s List includes all full-time
students (enrolled for 12 or more semester credit hours) who earned a grade point average of
4.0 during fall semester. The Dean’s List is awarded to students enrolled in 12 or more credit
hours who earned a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9 for fall semester.

Students named to the President’s List are: Roderick Abdon (Electrical Construction Systems
Technology), Jake Abernathy (Air Conditioning Technology), Jeremiah Adams (Electrical
Construction Systems Technology), Hayley Ade (Early College Essentials), Mayson Aenchbacher
(Cosmetology), Giovanny Albarran (Air Conditioning Technology), Urlissa Allen (Paralegal
Studies), Raymilde Anin (Practical Nursing), Carly Armstrong (Early Childhood Care), Breanna
Ayers (Practical Nursing), Nathan Bailey (Engineering Technology), Kaylee Baker (Early College
Essentials), Irina Begun (Interdisciplinary Studies), Robert Bellando (Business Management),
Whitney Bourne (Cosmetology), Mark Brannen (Air Conditioning Technology), Pierce Brewington
(Welding Technology), Cortlyn Britt (Conservation Law Enforcement), Mckinley Brown
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Alexandria Burdette (Interdisciplinary Studies), Jeremiah Burgess
(Engineering Technology), Wilson Byrne (Conservation Law Enforcement), Lilliana Cabaniss
(Engineering Technology), Jovanny Cabrera (Auto Collision Repair), Johanna Cadenas (Paralegal
Studies), Andrew Camarena (Computer Support Specialist), Debbie Cameron (Health Information
Technology), Victoria Cameron (EMS Professions), Maggie Carlson (Radiologic Technology),
Tammi Carter (Practical Nursing), Alex Castro (Air Conditioning Technology), William Causey
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Briya Chappell (Cosmetology), Elizabeth Chleborad (Consumer
Economics), Sarah Collins (Agriculture Science), Abigail Colquitt (Early College Essentials),
Matthew Conley (Heavy Diesel Service Technology), Kayla Coven (Early Childhood Care), Haley
Craft (Radiologic Technology), Slate Crook (Business Management), Kristin Dean (Practical
Nursing), Norman Dicer (Computer Support Specialist), Brittany Dillard (Medical Assistant),
Taylor Dubose (Computer Support Specialist), Summer Easter (Practical Nursing), Archer Fennell
(Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance Technology), Asiah Fisher (Health Care Assistant),
Richard Fleming (Air Conditioning Technology), Enrique Flores (Practical Nursing), Norberto
Flores (Diesel Equipment Technology), Savanna Fouts (Paralegal Studies), Kelley Funez (Early
Childhood Care), Nelson Garcia (Criminal Justice Technology), Manuel Gonzalez (Radiologic
Technology), Sierra Hallett (Interdisciplinary Studies), Makayla Hampson (Early Childhood Care),
Arik Hansen (Early College Essentials), Benjamin Head (Interdisciplinary Studies), Alyssa Heard
(Practical Nursing), Jesus Hernandez (Air Conditioning Technology), Joshua Herring (Diesel
Equipment Technology), Nikkia Hitchcock (Practical Nursing), Abigail Hoover (Health
Information Technology), Julia Hoover (Health Information Technology), Harding Howard
(Automotive Technology), Jamille Ivey (Barbering), Maura Jackson (Business Management),
Sidney Jacobs (Early Childhood Care), Garet Johnson (Interdisciplinary Studies), Zoey Joice
(Social Work Assistant), Hannah Jones (Cosmetology), Tamara Jordan (Veterinary Technology),
Abigail Kantz (Business Technology), Caiden Kautzman (Computer Support Specialist),
Annabelle Kidd (Paralegal Studies), William Kirkland (Air Conditioning Technology), Audrey Kuhn
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Chandler Lampp (Air Conditioning Technology), Drew Lay (Air
Conditioning Technology), Lana Lay (Practical Nursing), Harper Lecroy (Esthetician), Dominik
Lipold (Air Conditioning Technology), Saline Long (Interdisciplinary Studies), Caleigh Lowe
(Computer Support Specialist), Jaidyn Martin (Drafting Technology), Ellie McClain (Cosmetology),
Spencer McDonald (Air Conditioning Technology), Madeline McKeel (Welding Technology), Ella
Millette (Interdisciplinary Studies), Julie Mink (Interdisciplinary Studies), Esmeralda Padilla
(Cosmetology), Aiden Parisi (Interdisciplinary Studies), Karla Pastor (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism),
Silas Pemberton (Engineering Technology), Daniel Portillo (Engineering Technology), Micah
Rhodes (Agriculture Science), Kenneth Ricks (Air Conditioning Technology), Edwin Rico (Air
Conditioning Technology), Heredy Rico (Air Conditioning Technology), Emma Robbins
(Cosmetology), Sophia Romano (Early College Essentials), Elizabeth Ross (Dental Assisting),
Jackson Roush(Engineering Technology), Roberto Saracho (Air Conditioning Systems
Maintenance Technology), Jaime Sauceda (Air Conditioning Technology), Michael Schyck
(Computer Support Specialist), Hannah Segars (Medical Assistant), Anna Shultz (Welding
Technology), Courtney Sims (Esthetician), Jamiya Sims (Computer Support Specialist), Vicky Sims
(Radiologic Technology), Hannah Skinner (Cosmetology), Hunter Smith (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Jackson Smith (Computer Support Specialist), Sydney Smith(Social Work Assistant),
Jose Solis (Drafting Technology), Felipe Solis (Air Conditioning Technology), Jocelyn Sotolongo
(Cosmetology), Jackson Strickland (Auto Collision Repair), Decortyaine Tademy (Engineering
Technology), Hannah Tatum (Early College Essentials), Ruth Thain (Radiologic Technology), Leah
Thompson (Veterinary Technology), Aubrey Trollinger (Cosmetology), Parker Turpin
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Brandon Vargas (Emerging Technologies), Peyton Vincent (Barbering),
Elizabeth Ward (Esthetician), Ross Whitmoyer (Welding Technology), Jamie Wilder (Veterinary
Technology), Mollie Williams (Early College Essentials), Montana Williams (Conservation Law
Enforcement), Zariah Williams (Health Care Assistant), Darrion Willoughby (Barbering), Will
Winslett (Interdisciplinary Studies), and Mary Worthington (Cosmetology).

Students named to the Dean’s List are: Brady Alberson (Computer Support Specialist), Emma
Andrews (Early College Essentials), Dylon Barrett (Air Conditioning Technology), Karen Barrett
(Paralegal Studies), Emily Baxter (Physical Therapist Assistant), Michael Beasley (Computer
Support Specialist), Lucy Bell (Criminal Justice Technology), Anna Black (Cosmetology), Shirquita
Blackwell (Early Childhood Care), Katherine Brady (Paralegal Studies), Griffin Britt (Drafting
Technology), Jonathan Bustamante (Auto Collision Repair), Meredith Cain (Health Information
Technology), Chris Carney (Physical Therapist Assistant), Christianna Carter (Business
Management), Desiree Carter(Auto Collision Repair), Skylar Chastain (Social Work Assistant),
Attison Cofer (Dental Assisting), Jacqueline Cuevas (Cosmetology), Evan Danner (Welding
Technology), Hayley Dean (Radiologic Technology), Thania Delgado (Cosmetology), Hunter
Delvalle (Welding Technology), Sierra Demary (Drafting Technology), Kristen Demonbreun
(Physical Therapist Assistant), Austin Denard Business Management), Jaycee Dillow
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Sam Dunn (EMS Professions), Terra Early (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Savannah Echols (Practical Nursing), Kendal Eidson Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism), Alaina Elrod
(Paralegal Studies), Emily Erne (Cosmetology), Edgar Escutia (Air Conditioning Technology), Sean
Evans (Business Management), Maya Farmer (Early College Essentials), Landon Faulkner (Diesel
Equipment Technology), Hector Felix (Networking Specialist), Tanner Filion (Business
Technology), Harrison Finklea (Business Management), Dabria Fleming (Cosmetology), Walker
Flowers (Interdisciplinary Studies), Evan Foster (Early College Essentials), Paeden Foster (Welding
Technology), Dylan Fowler (Interior Design), Logan Fulghum (Criminal Justice Technology), Cole
Gallagher (Electrical Construction Systems Technology), Macy Garcia (Veterinary Technology),
Trevor Gardiner (Business Technology), Garrett Gilreath (Auto Collision Repair), Emily Hamilton
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Brittney Hanson (Radiologic Technology), Jake Harper (Business
Management), Samara Harvey (Radiologic Technology), Isabella Heckman (Marketing
Management), Ezekiel Hendricks (Interdisciplinary Studies), Denise Hernandez (Early Childhood
Care), Jake Hernandez (Air Conditioning Technology), Wyatt Herndon (Conservation Law
Enforcement), Rebecca Holliday (Veterinary Technology), Samantha Holsten (Dental Assisting),
Jared Howell (Drafting Technology), Ryan Huddleston (Radiologic Technology), Madison Hughes
(Early Childhood Care), Tyler Hurst( Welding Technology), Jessica Ivie (Esthetician), Jamie Jones
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Eric Judkins (Computer Support Specialist), Craig Keahey (Air
Conditioning Technology), Thomas Kohler (Paramedicine), Lakota Kytle (Early Childhood Care),
Maya Land (Early Childhood Care), Leila Laprade (Cosmetology), Alexis LeFave (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Keith Lee (Interior Design), Zoe Lee (Salon & Spa Support Specialist), Brycen Lewis
(Interdisciplinary Studies), arie Lim (Marketing Management), Stephanie Madah (Interior
Design), Logan Manders (Networking Specialist), Sumer Martin (Business Management), Morgan
Massengale (Early Childhood Care), Audrie Matheny (Cosmetology), Erik McTaggart (Agriculture
Science), Anthony Montalvo (Emerging Technologies), Victoria Murray (Social Work Assistant),
Abraham Navarro (Interdisciplinary Studies), Cody Neiber (Interdisciplinary Studies), Bailey Nix
(Early Childhood Care), Chase Nunns (Diesel Equipment Technology), Autumn Owensby
Cosmetology), Gavin Page (Business Management), Aiyanna Peavy (Early College Essentials),
Vidaya Persaud (Health Information Coding), Brandi Phillips (Social Work Assistant), Samuel
Purba (Interdisciplinary Studies), Cassandra Radford (Early Childhood Care), Shannon Ragusa
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Makensy Rangel (Cosmetology), Brooke Reed (Cosmetology), Caleb
Reese (Emerging Technologies), Crystal Reese (Marketing Management), Osvaldo Rios (Precision
Machining and Manufacturing), Cassie Roberts (Culinary Arts), Elizabeth Roberts (Social Work
Assistant), Jannette Rodriguez (Accounting), Tashawna Roebuck (Practical Nursing), Kaylin
Rowbotham (Interdisciplinary Studies), Nicholas Rule (Business Management), Lindsey Ryberg
(Interior Design), Terry Rylee (Air Conditioning Technology), Ricardo Salazar (Electrical
Construction Systems Technology), Emily Sanders (Health Care Assistant), Eryn Sealey
(Cosmetology), Kory Sellers (Agriculture Science), Nathan Shepherd (Auto Collision Repair),
Jordan Shirah (Veterinary Technology), Autumn Sick (Criminal Justice Technology), Elaina
Simpaa (Esthetician), Rebecca Smith (Radiologic Technology), Spiritual Stribling (Early Childhood
Care), Erin Temple (EMS Professions), Robert Thomson( Radiologic Technology), Macie Tiller
(Business Technology), Christopher Tillitski (Emergency Medical Technology), Sonomi Urena
(Medical Assistant), Addison Veal (Practical Nursing), Jocelyn Velazquez (Accounting), Bryson
Wade (Air Conditioning Technology), Walter Webb (Air Conditioning Technology), Lydia
Webster (Interdisciplinary Studies), James Welch (Interdisciplinary Studies), James White
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Autumn Wilder (Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism), Loran Wilkins (Computer
Support Specialist), Nicholas Williams (Networking Specialist), Madelyn Wilson (Pre-hospital
Operations), Alexander Wright (Paramedicine), Aza Wynn (Pre-hospital Operations), and Isabella
Young (Interdisciplinary Studies).

About Athens Technical College: Since 1958, Athens Technical College has served citizens by
providing quality educational programs in an eleven-county service area. The college offers
over 130 program specializations in business, health, technical, and manufacturing-related areas.
Students attend Athens Technical College on four campuses (Athens-Clarke, Elbert, Greene,
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continuing education opportunities. Athens Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution
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