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Elbert County
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Diesel technicians must be versatile enough to adapt to customers’ needs and to new technologies. Diesel maintenance is becoming increasingly complex as more electronic components are used to control the operation of an engine. New emissions standards may require mechanics to retrofit engines with emissions control systems to comply with pollution regulations.

Diesel service technicians use a variety of tools in their work, including power tools such as pneumatic wrenches that remove bolts quickly; machine tools such as lathes and grinding machines to rebuild brakes; welding and flame-cutting equipment to remove and repair exhaust systems; and jacks and hoists to lift and move large parts. Diesel service technicians and mechanics also use a variety of computerized testing equipment to pinpoint and analyze malfunctions in electrical systems and engines. Students can start careers in a variety of fields including equipment repair, over the road logistics, parts and supply, and customer service. Students will start in the mid $40’s and with experience will advance to $100,000+ range. Industries that employ the most diesel service technicians include truck transportation, government, repair and maintenance, motor vehicles and manufacturing.

Specific Facility, Tools Or Educational Tools Available

There is a computer lab and two service shop labs where students will learn electrical 12v/24v in a interactive lab with computer-based training. Many of our industry partners offer opportunities for internships with a cash bonus upon graduation from the Diesel Technology program.

Featured Courses

DIET 1030- Diesel Engines

DIET 1020- Preventive Maintenance

DIET 1000- Introduction to Diesel Technology, Tools, and safety

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Charles Dawson

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