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Our courses present unique opportunities for students through specialized education including methods of instruction that address multiple learning modalities. Courses emphasize effective, high quality teaching and learning while helping students to develop strong oral and written communication skills. The rules and laws governing the conduct of paralegals are stressed across the curriculum to help the students develop the high ethical values and behaviors expected of the profession.

Paralegal Studies Associate Degree students must complete one six-hour Internship course, and they have the option to complete a second Internship course that replaces two Paralegal Studies electives. Potential internship site locations include law firms, government agencies, non-profits, and corporations. A Paralegal Studies education prepares a student to work in multiple fields in the legal profession, including working as a traditional paralegal in a law firm, working in a governmental agency, or working in the legal department of a large corporation. In addition, completing a Paralegal Studies program is excellent preparation for someone who wishes to go to law school. The median income for paralegals was $59,200 in May 2022 ( Of course, this is dependent on experience, geography, and level of education.


– Students must complete a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of Paralegal Studies legal specialty courses at Athens Technical College. In addition, degree students must take PARA 2210 at Athens Technical College.
-Students must take at least nine (9) semester credit hours of required Paralegal Studies legal specialty courses through synchronous instruction.
-Athens Technical College will only consider for transfer credit those Paralegal Studies legal specialty courses taken at ABA Approved schools.
-Paralegals shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law as per O.C.G.A 15-19-51 and must work under the supervision of an attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia.

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We strive to provide students with exposure to a multitude of legal technologies including softwares related to case filing, litigation support, law office management, and legal research applications. There is a $25 program fee for every Paralegal Studies course. These fees help to fund the Lexis subscription that all students receive once they enroll in the PARA 1100, Introduction to Law course, and which students have access to while enrolled in the program.

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PARA 1205- Constitutional Law PARA 1130- Civil Litigation PARA 1145- Law Office Management

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