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Life Science & Public Safety

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Students who are interested in a career in the pre-hospital healthcare environment should consider both the short-term and long-term success of a program on the National Registry of EMT’s certifying exams, as well as retention rates. Athens Technical College’s EMS programs have a long standing success in preparing students both for the field work and the exam of pre-hospital providers.


The Paramedicine program is a full-time class load and classes are currently held from 9:30 am until 9:30 pm. Since the overwhelming majority of paramedic students are employed full-time in the industry, those classes take place around a 24/48 schedule that is common in this EMS Region.

Paramedicine Program Effectiveness

Specific Facility, Tools Or Educational Tools Available

Athens Technical College has clinical agreements will 10 EMS services in this region, as well as with multiple hospitals. The students will have access to all 10 EMS services and will have access to 4 hospitals. The paramedic students will also complete a 150 hour internship before they are eligible for graduation. and testing. The EMS program uses the full range of simulation equipment from static models to high-fidelity human patient simulators. We currently have up-to-date cardiac monitors/defibrillators representing the same equipment graduates will encounter in the field, traditional and video laryngoscopes, ventilators, CPAP and Bilevel PAP devices, and other contemporary EMS equipment as well. In addition, we have 2 fully operational ambulances which are used to help students become accustomed to the environment in which they will be required to function upon employment.

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Daytime, Evening
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Fully In Person
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June 15th- Fall
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Don Pruitt

Program Chair

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